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Go To Post     🚩 50% OFF FINGER WEAR TYPE TOOTHBRUSH FOR YOUR PETS 🐱🐶 Dental hygiene is as important to your dog as it is to you. it is well worth investing in a good finger wear type toothbrush for your pets. Put your fingers into the toothbrush and help the pet clean the teeth or mouth. The pet toothbrush is made of high-quality nylon and rubber, eco-friendly and non-toxic. This care product reduces plaque build-up, cleans teeth, and prevent bad breath. Go and get yours now! Item is up on or you can just click the link in our bio. Tag your friends 👭 below that you feel will benefit from this. Please Like👍 Comment💭 Share and Follow us 😀. #petgrooming #dentalhygiene #dogs #cats #pets #toothbrush #teeth #teethcleaning #oralcleaning #discounted #50%off

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